Alexandre Rizzuti

↳ Activas

Branding, Logo, Visual Identity

Activas, a thermoplastic resin distribution company, needed a new positioning and visual identity to help it stop being seen only as a commodity trader and bring to light its real value, as a company that innovates to make the plastics-industry relationship more efficient and responsible.

In addition to being at the core of Activas' business, plastic is in the world. It's at work, leisure, stethoscopes, remedies and more. Therefore, more than simply labeling it as a villain, it may be more reasonable to think of solutions that make your production chain more responsible and intelligent.

It was with this vision that we created its visual identity, composed of a language that conveys logistical speed, and most importantly for this new moment of the brand, the circular movement, representing its new programs and circular economy solutions for plastic. Moldable, transparent, light and resistant are characteristics of plastic that were inspirations for the creation of all the visual elements of the identity.