Alexandre Rizzuti

↳ Stone

Branding, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Tone of Voice

On the way to become a complete ecosystem for retailers, Stone evolved its brand positioning based on a unique concept: the “entrepreneurial endorphin”, that feeling of excitement and euphoria that appears in a good sales day to the achievement of business success. In the experience of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship in Brazil, this state of mind is what connects Stone's offerings in a significant way with each client!

Throughout the 5 regions of Brazil, we found common elements in the physical space of the retailers (such as the opening of the gate and doors, facades, shop windows, counters, and exhibitors) and emotions shared by the entrepreneurs.

Adding the technological approach of the fintech universe, we created a visual platform of proprietary elements: photos of real clients in their daily work; product stills as objects of desire; elegant shades of green; typography with humanist details; graphics inspired by Brazilian stores; and a unique motion behavior that releases endorphins at the climax of the movements.

We selected real brazilian clients – Rodrigo from Cajuí, Reiko from Mise, and Daniel from Woodskull –, and photographed their routines in a documentary style, with veracity and without the clichés of businessmen “in suits” from stock images. In the end, this is a sample of Stone's photographic style, sharing true stories and emotions and strengthening the bonds between customers and the brand.